Vertical Farming Technology

The Problem - 1

Today´s agriculture led to less hunger and higher life expectancy in the world than ever.

On the other hand our environment suffers - Fertilizers consume much energy and spoil our land, pesticides extinct varieties of species, ...

Climate change endangers our future - if droughts or floods, both are similarly critical.

And our habits of eating too much meat, wasting food on the supply chain up to the plate, ...

The Problem - 2

There are a lot of good initiatives: Bio-economy, Perma-culture, agricultural communities, ... 

We should support them all, but will they suffice? Are they effective fast enough? Are they producing enough food to further beat hunger in the world?

Another possible Solution

Technology has led to less hunger and higher life expectancy. Is there a technology, further improving our lives, and avoiding the negatives? What if

- we would need only 60% of fertilizers?

- no fertilizers would spoil the ground

- only 5% of water is needed

- no pesticides at all are used

- 365 days a year food can be produced

- and natural disasters are no harm